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Horses, Healing, and Humans

I was invited by Shepherd, a book search site (https://shepherd.com/) to share a short list of books related to one of my titles, Coming Back. Shepherd wants “to [..]

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A Generous Publisher!

I’m very proud to have a novel published by Crwth Press https://www.crwth.ca/crwth-cares/and excited to share their generous fundraising efforts for diverse and worthy causes! Please check out the [..]

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New Book Trailer for Faster Than Truth

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Faster Than Truth ~ notes

For a time, I contemplated a career as a news reporter, even though my popular contribution to our middle-school newspaper was a monthly series entitled “The Purple People [..]

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Faster Than Truth ~ New Book!

To celebrate the upcoming publication of my newest book, Faster Than Truth, the publisher, Crwth Press, is holding a contest for teens who would like to “Think Like [..]

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