I’m glad you’ve stopped by to visit my website. Amidst the unfurling of life, I treasure the time I find to be absorbed in the sweet exasperation of writing books. It is an unreasonable occupation—there are many more practical ways to use the time given us. Working a day job guarantees income. Volunteering for a cause I support aligns my energy and philosophies for the benefit of others. Taking care of the mundane (cooking, cleaning, yada yada) is necessary although one should be wary of such things; they can be taken to extreme levels.

There are times when I’ve asked myself why I choose to write fiction despite all the other things I could be doing, and here are a few possible answers.

On a bad day: I don’t. I am not a writer, I’m a fraud. I should never have attempted this, let alone actually admit I do it. Bad days can occur at any time but are especially evident when a book I submitted to a publisher is rejected.

On a slightly better day: A shrug of the shoulders and a back of the throat mumble that sounds something like, “I dunno.”

On a regular day: Okay, butt in chair. There’s work to be done. This is a craft and like any other, there’s always the challenge to keep honing my skills.

On a chaotic day: It’s impossible to focus on writing with this going on! Note: This can result in a self-pitying day because something or someone has stolen my precious time.

On a pensive day: I’ve encountered a concept that begs to be examined and the best way for me to work through the nuances is to conjure a character wrestling with this puzzle and set them free on the page to explore it. It’s a wonderful way to learn.

On an inspired day: An amazing idea arrives from the ether, taps me on the shoulder and yells, “Hey! I’m here! You love me, make me manifest.” (Ideas can be bossy like that.) Sometimes I’m extra lucky when a fully formed character leaps forward, arms waving, or two seemingly unrelated concepts collide in my head and “voila”—magic happens.

On an elevated day: This is my calling in life. People need art in all its forms—music, painting, drama, dance, the written word. We all have creative energy within, and I honor this gift by sharing my work with the world.

Today? I’ve taken time to write this. Please enjoy browsing the site and if you’d like to get in touch, send me an email.

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