Battle of the Bands

Cover 2011

ISBN: 9781551435404
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: September/01/2006

The smell in the garage is lousy. Old bulbs coated with years of dust and cobwebs don’t cast the best light either. But when I pick up my guitar and my fingers find the strings, and that first riff comes screaming out of the amp, the only thing that matters is sound.

Jay, Kelvin and Cia are The Lunar Ticks, a dedicated band who are convinced they are on their way up. They hope to win an upcoming battle of the bands where the first prize is a full day in a recording studio. Jay is struggling to write new material but finds he lacks the experience to come up with a truly original song. Going up against Indigo Daze, a band from another school, Jay finds himself falling for Rowan, the leader of the other band. When Rowan’s guitar is trashed right before the contest The Lunar Ticks are the prime suspects.

Spanish Translation: La guerra de las bandas
ISBN: 9781551439983
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pages: 112
Pub Date: March/01/2008 


2007  CCBC Our Choice
2007  YALSA Quick Picks 


CM Magazine – January 1, 2007 “Filled with humour, first crushes and break-ups…Recommended.”

School Library Journal – March 1, 2007 “The short chapter and fast-paced, rock-themed action will appeal to reluctant and struggling readers.”

Teen Book Review – January 1, 2007 “It’s powerful and attention grabbing, telling a fascinating story of love, life, and music. The characters are wonderful.”

Canadian Book Review Annual – June 15, 2008 “In her first novel, K.L. Denman has created engaging and realistic characters. Recommended.”

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