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Without further ado, here are some comments, questions and answers.


“I like Battle of the Bands because it’s about a group of kids that have started a band which I think is cool. I really recommend that kids read this book. Were you ever in a band? I hope you write more books.” Oscar G.

A: I have never been in a band but I love music and know others who play instruments on their own or in bands. Recently, I’ve considered learning to play the ukulele.

“The book you wrote, Battle of the Bands was a great book! It seemed as if it was not fiction. Another reason your book is good is that it is short and easy. About the song, did you make it up? How many books have you written? I’m a real fan.” Ruben C.

A: I did write the lyrics for the two songs in the story—that was fun! I’ve written numerous books and Battle of the Bands was the first one published.

“I am reading your book Mirror Image. I really like it. I have only started it and I am on Chapter Five already. So far so good.” Anna, Country Antrim, Ireland

“Your book (Rebel’s Tag) was great and cool. I liked the parts of Uranus and when Samuel was spray painting. I love the part when Samuel’s mom prayed the St. Francis prayer.” Rolando T.

“The book Rebel’s Tag was really interesting. It was very fun to read. What made you write this story?” Joanna J.

A: I started with the idea of a character going on a scavenger hunt. I asked myself who would go on this hunt and why? And who might send someone on a hunt and what would be their motivation for doing that? The story grew out of these questions.

“Thank you for writing a book (Rebel’s Tag) that’s easy to read, yet incredibly interesting to junior high kids. We have such good memories of reading and discussing your book. We had rich discussions about trespassing, friendship, honesty, forgiveness and death. It made my job very easy.”  Liz A., Teacher

Battle of the Bands was a top notch book. Since I’m only in Grade 9 I haven’t read a lot of books but when  I do read books I love it. I connected with Jay on so many levels. This book truly opened my eyes to the fact I’m not the only kid who thinks about the kids who make T-shirts or shoes.”  A.J.

“Your book, Perfect Revenge, helped me change my mind a little about getting people back. I really liked your book and it made me connect to it more than any other book.” Nylah R.

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