Faster Than Truth

Faster Than Truth, is a contemporary novel for ages thirteen and up that explores today’s complex media landscape and its impact on the mental health of teens. The protagonist, sixteen-year-old Declan, dreams of becoming a professional reporter, an international correspondent who travels the world covering big stories. But Declan is still in high school, and as editor of his school paper, he covers school dances – not exactly “news.” Declan gets his chance for a big scoop when a student who goes by the name of Smoke shows him part of an email written by the principal. The email discusses implanting students with microchips. Declan, outraged at the idea, publishes a story about the scheme online without taking the time to do additional research or fact checking. The story goes viral … with unfortunate consequences.

Faster Than Truth (pub date: May 15, 2019, $9.95, ISBN 978-1-7753319-1-1) is set in the city of Vancouver and features scenes at local landmarks such as Dude Chilling Park and the CBC Regional Broadcast Centre.
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“In our current world where unverified sources and social media feeds sensational stories to the public, Faster Than Truth is a timely novel, one that highlights the damage that can be done when truth is not valued. The story moves quickly and will engage readers as they understand Declan’s need for approval and his passion for story. Ravi is a great equalizer, both talented but reasoned, and, through her, readers begin to see that not everything is as it seems. Smoke’s struggle with mental health will be relatable for some readers and a path to understanding for others.” Highly Recommended Canadian Materials Magazine.

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