Dear Rosemary by Gloria Hathaway

Full disclosure: Gloria Hathaway is a pen name, one chosen by myself and two other talented writers who are the co-authors of this story, written in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was an experiment and it was so much fun! Dear Rosemary is set in Canada, and it unfolds in emails, most of them shared between three old friends. The book is often laugh-out-loud funny, at other times reflective and poetic, and by the end, it brings many readers to tears.

Here is a review from the Whistler Independent Book Awards:

This story beats the gentle time of everyday letters: describing and denoting a lifetime of friendship as the beating drum of the worldwide COVID pandemic changes and challenges everyone from ways small –masks and toilet paper–to life-threatening with the chokehold of the disease itself. Gloria Hathaway reminds the reader of COVID-19 early days, middle days, and buried memories. However, Dear Rosemary is not just a catalogue of woes, but a moving and engrossing chronicle of how everyday people retain and reconstruct their humanity no matter what. Highly recommended.

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