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Destination Human has just been released and already there’s trouble. http://cwillbc.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/imagined-controversies-destination-human-by-kim-denman/


Destination Human ~ Available September 2013

My 10th book with Orca Book Publishers will be released this fall!

Destination Human

ISBN: 9781459803718 Publisher: Orca Book Publishers Pub Date: September/01/2013

As if girls aren’t alien enough already.
Chloe thinks of herself as a normal teenage girl—if there’s any such thing—until a formless alien being inhabits her body. The being is named Welkin and claims to be a Universal. Welkin has entered Chloe’s body as part of a school project. Chloe agrees to let this weirdo observe her life for three days as long as Welkin doesn’t interfere. Welkin tries to respect the non-interference portion of the agreement. But Welkin’s stream of alien commentary as Chloe deals with boys, her coach and math homework has a comic, and sometimes enlightening, impact on Chloe’s life.

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New Audio Book

Perfect Revenge is now available as an audiobook: http://digital.orcabook.com/audiobookclub/


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