Bonavista, Newfoundland

Last June, I was lucky enough to travel from the West coast of Canada to the East coast, to the stunningly beautiful province of Newfoundland. I was even luckier to see this spectacular iceberg off the coast of Bonavista. In this shot, it looks like two bergs, but it actually had three peaks and naturally, the bulk of this amazing travelling island of ice was beneath the surface.

Maybe the chilly weather covering much of the continent at present reminded me of this icy image, or maybe it’s simply the need to update my blog from time to time, something I’m inconsistent with because like a berg, I prefer to be deeply immersed in my current work in progress. Work that I hope will be much like this iceberg, shining on the surface while it conveys hidden depths. It’s early days for this new novel, and I’m loving my job. Here’s to the cold making sitting at the keys a cosy, happy enterprise.


Questions about writing or illustrating books for children and youth?


Companions on the Journey

I am blessed to share the journey of growing my writing craft with two wise and dear women. One of them has expressed this most exquisitely here: https://www.shelleyhrdlitschka.ca/blog/


Book Reading ~ Arts4All Festival

The city of Surrey, BC, is hosting a wonderful arts festival on September 28, 29 and 30th. There will be music, dance, arts and literary readings by some talented authors. Many events are free, including the one I’m participating in. I will be reading from my latest book, Quiz Queens at 2 pm on September 29th at 2 pm.


You can check out the full calendar of Arts4All events here: http://arts4allfestival.com/events/

Hope to see you there!


“Best Books” and a New Year

 It was a pleasure to see my latest book, Quiz Queens, included in the Canadian Children’s Book Centre list of Best Books for 2017 – a lovely recognition to end the year.

There has been a lull in my writing of late, but two new stories are clamouring to be written and I can’t wait to get back to work. Wishing all a new year abundant in the joy of creating!

~ K. L. Denman


Final Book Giveaway ~ La revanche parfait

Okay, maybe it’s not the final time ever that I’ll have books to give away, but the French edition of Perfect Revenge is the last of the foreign language translations of my books I have on hand. It’s been fun to send these books off to the winners (selected through Goodreads), with the hope that they will be read and enjoyed. This contest runs from December 13th to the 21st. You can click on the link in the sidebar to enter.


Another Book Giveaway ~ Agent Angus, Swedish Edition

Contest on Goodreads runs from November 26th to December 4th. Beautiful hardcover Swedish edition.   


Here’s the next book giveaway ~ La cache

From Nov 8 to 16th, Canadian residents can enter to win a free signed copy through Goodreads of La cache, the French language translation of my book Stuff We All Get. More details about the story can be found on this website under the “Books” tab.

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Writing demands consistency; one is supposed to show up and stay on task. It’s great when the words are flowing and I’m in “the zone” but often (let’s say at the beginning, the middle or the end of a book) it’s plain old work.  Any little thing can become a distraction at that point. My current distraction is an inquisitive Steller’s Jay. He (she?) has been determined to remove the egg shaped rocks from a nest that sits on a shelf by my door. After a few messy episodes, I decided on a solution – provide peanuts. Ha. Apparently, I am now the object of routine surveillance. I need only glance up from the screen to find a hopeful beak face peering through the window, either from the sill or a nearby branch. I think I’ve been played. 


Book Giveaway ~ Perfect Revenge in Swedish and Norwegian

Time for the next giveaway! I have 2 signed paperback copies of Perfect Revenge in Norwegian and 2 copies in Swedish. It was great fun for me to receive these from the foreign publisher and see the cover art they chose, but these books aren’t being enjoyed while languishing in a box. This giveaway runs from October 23 to October 31st. I hope someone out there in Canada is learning a second language or has a friend, family member or pen pal in Norway or Sweden who might enjoy receiving this as a gift from you!

In Norwegian:

In Swedish:

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