I was born in Calgary, Alberta and spent most of my childhood there in a house near the open prairie. I loved reading, writing, animals, being outdoors and music. I fiercely disliked canned peas. My teen years passed in Delta, BC, although summers found me back in Alberta, working on a ranch. I was disappointed to find I’d grown up too late to be a hippy and was puzzled over the decision of what I should be.

Early adult years were a time for working, traveling and studying favorite things like Literature, Fine Arts, Philosophy and Creative Writing. I married, had two wonderful children, and spent a respectable amount of time being practical. (Ex: I grew fond of fresh peas and got over the hippy miss.) My early loves persisted and eventually one dared to suggest I might take it seriously and be a Writer. I listened, and as life allowed (in the uneven way it tends to do), I wrote.

You can message me on Facebook or via email at: kldenman@telus.net


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  1. breianna

    hi, I am a young writter and love all the books you wrote they are full of meaning to me . Your th reson i want to be a writter

  2. kldenman

    Thanks, Breianna. Lovely to hear you’ve enjoyed my books and all my best wishes for your writing success!

  3. Hi in 12 and I love your books your my inspiration

  4. Hi im 12 and I love your books your my inspiration

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